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Gimi - Pocket money App Review

Economics 101 for kids

Gimi is a mobile app that teaches your kids the principals of personal economics.

It’s tough to come across a refreshing idea in the saturated world of mobile apps. While there are educational content out there, apps that add real value to the users are a rare bunch. 

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From a child’s perspective Gimi gamifies the dynamics of economics by allowing kids to track their personal finances. They can complete chores to save up enough to buy that brand new “cool thing” they want so much. However, from the parent’s perspective it’s a school to teach kids the harsh life in the real world.

Gimi does a wonderful job creating a modern and fresh experience for the users. The app is to the point and feels fluid walking you through adding your kids, setting up their weekly or monthly allowances. It recommends average values and incentives for your kids’ specific age. You can easily add recurring or countdown chores. 

Kids install the app and connect to the parent’s account with a simple step. They will get immediate notifications for chores. To claim credit parents can even require a picture or video proof! Gimi is full of these well-thought gems to put you and your kids in charge of family money. 

During daily usage Gimi proves to be very simple to use and that’s not a coincidence because Gimi is designed by a group of kids that are 6-17 years old. While there are other options like Bankaroo, made by the 11 year old Danielle, and RoosterMoney, neither of these apps get you the smooth signup flow you get with Gimi. Gimi also provides well designed cues and visual incentives you won't find on similar apps.

Plus, who doesn't like to accomplish a goal like this?

After regularly using the app, I'm inclined to believe tiny efforts like these have the potential to contribute to children later in life. It's much better for them to make a small mistake and waste money on candy now. Sure, they will suffer a tummy ache due to excessive sugar ingestion. But next time they face a choice like whether to purchase luxury items they don't need, they will have the experience on their side to decide. The lessons learned will be much more valuable to your children's life than the savings in their piggy bank account.

To wrap up if you are interested in teaching your kids about financial responsibility, Gimi is the app you should download and start using today. 
Kids who understand concepts like value, money, input/output, balance and most importantly saving up will know better in this brave new world of targeted marketing, conversion optimized shopping carts and cryptocurrencies. There’s never an early time to teach kids about the tangibility of value because in a few months' time everyone will be iMessaging each other real money.

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